BC Hydro To Increase Rates, BC Liberals Lie To Taxpayers

BC Hydro announced earlier this week a new 10 year plan with the Provincial Government. Energy Minister Bill Bennett announced the plan and from the details, we know that Premier Christy Clark is acting on her War on the Middle Class of British Columbia.

BC Hydro Increase Christy Clark

Energy Minister Bill Bennett (left) and Premier Christy Clark (right) join together to increase BC Hydro rates to catastrophic levels. Photo by Jimmy Jeong, The Canadian Press.

What’s In The BC Hydro Deal?

Here are the details of the agreement between BC Hydro and the BC Liberal Government:

  • A near 40% increase over the next decade (a 28% rate increase over 5 years (compounded yearly), 15 % over the next 2 years)
  • Creation of a “regulatory account” to defer $1 Billion in rate hikes to just after the 2017 Provincial Election
  • An independent review of rates after 3rd year of the plan (can’t go past government-imposed caps)

Broken Promises And Lying Liars

The BC Liberals have misled the public on a number of occasions. The BC Hydro fiasco has not been any different. Back in May, Rich Coleman vowed that increases starting in 2014 would amount to around 1.7%. He also said that future increases must be cut by 50%. Both of those promises were broken with the new BC Hydro plan. The BC Liberals said during the May election campaign that everything was fine with BC Hydro, making every promise in the books to just get re-elected. They did. And now ordinary British Columbians will bare the burden of BC Liberal mismanagement.

What Does The BC Hydro Plan Mean For Taxpayers?

The hikes will begin on April 1, 2014 where a 9% increase will take place followed by a 6% hike the next year. The plan will increase the average hydro bill by around $300 per year over the course of 10 years. That’s a substantial increase that lower income families simply cannot afford. It’ll put tremendous pressure on middle income families as well.

Christy Clark has, time and time again said that she wants to help struggling families. Yet, she’s increased every user fee in the book.

Why Have The BC Liberals Antagonized Taxpayers So Much?

While the BC Liberals champion the fact that they haven’t raised taxes, their record on user fees is abysmal. BC Conservative Party leadership candidate Rick Peterson said it best when he referred to user fees as “predatory”. Sure, all products and services cost something. But user fees act as taxes. They come out of your pocket and go to the government coffers. But this all begs the question: Why have the BC Liberals increased user fees so much?

  1. Balance a budget they know they can’t balance. The BC Liberal Government has shown that they are willing to go out of their way to balance the budget, at the expense of all taxpayers. Balancing the budget is fine. But do it the right way – growing the tax base organically. Of course, as we all know, jobs numbers in BC are falling behind the rest of the country.
  2. Support their friends – corporate executives at BC Hydro. The BC Liberals appoint all the executives at the helm of BC Hydro. So of course they want their buddies to do well – and how do they pay for these fat cat bonuses and base salaries? By increasing rates.

This fiasco would be well discussed in Victoria….if the MLA’s of the governing party ever decided to do their jobs and sit in the BC Legislature. The BC Liberals have raised every user fee in the books in order to balance a budget that we all know is not balanced. They continue to antagonize seniors, school children, working families, lower income families, middle income families and anyone else beneath their elitist list of incompetent, corrupt bureaucrats.

Here’s my question to you: Will anyone stand up for the average working British Columbian? Give me your thoughts on these ridiculous rate increases with a comment below. Don’t forget to scroll up to the top and subscribe!

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