George Massey Tunnel Disaster: Richmond Gets Hurt By BC Liberals Again

The George Massey Tunnel will be the latest victim of BC Liberal policy.

First, it was taxpayers who were victims when the BC Liberals decided to put their insiders first by increasing government salaries right after the May election. Then, the BC Liberals victimized seniors by installing a wheelchair tax. The hurt shifted back to all taxpayers when the BC Liberals announced increases in BC Hydro rates. It just gets worse and worse. And now, the Fraser River and everyone who crosses it will get hit hard…not to mention every other taxpayer. Premier Christy Clark has done a number on the taxpayers and now, it’s time for the Tunnel to go.

Goodbye, George Massey Tunnel

The George Massey Tunnel will be replaced with a 10-lane bridge that connects Richmond to Delta. Everyday users of the Tunnel, like me, welcome a new solution. BUT, why replace and not just add?

Let’s look at some facts:

  • The George Massey Tunnel had seismic upgrades done before. Obviously, those upgrades won’t stop the Tunnel from collapse in the event of an earthquake. But, money was invested in it and there are plenty of years left in it’s tank
  • The BC Liberals have long been waiting for an opportunity to gut the Tunnel so that they could clear the Fraser River for tankers to dangerously transport valuable resources
  • The geographic layout of the plan will hurt local farms in the area. Richmond thrives on being able to grow, export and sell produce of all varieties.

What Every Citizen Of Richmond, BC Should Be Concerned About

If you live in Richmond, BC or even south of the Fraser in Delta or Ladner, here’s what should concern you about this:

  1. Tankers. A bridge opens up the possibility of tankers on the Fraser River – which could be catastrophic to an already fragile ecosystem
  2. Tolls. Christy Clark hasn’t ruled out a bridge toll on the George Massey Tunnel replacement. Would we really be surprised if she made it a toll bridge? No. Would it be destructive? Yes.
  3. High Costs. The new Port Mann Bridge cost around $3.5 Billion to construct. I would expect the George Massey Tunnel replacement to be over $2 Billion. There’s no question that this will be passed onto the taxpayer in the form of tolls or something else the BC Liberals love – new taxes and fees.

My Solution To The George Massey Tunnel Issue

Others have suggested this so what I am about to propose isn’t very radical. I would keep the George Massey Tunnel and build an additional bridge as the BC Government proposes to do. The additional costs of keeping the Tunnel will be slim to none. I would be as cost-effective as can possibly be with the new bridge and would rule out any tolls to be installed. The bridge can be an extension of Boundary Road in Burnaby across Richmond and into Delta. Or it could simply be a bridge on top of or near the Tunnel.

Removing the Tunnel is simply the wrong move. It has plenty of years of life left and we’ve pumped too much money into it already to just take it down. Taxpayers will resoundingly reject a toll bridge. As a proud Richmondite, I know the people here will not accept more money out of our pockets to help cushion BC Liberal coffers. Mention the words “toll bridge” and taxpayers will go ballistic. It’s something that George Massey himself would’ve been ashamed of.

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