Poverty In Richmond, BC – The Problems And How We Can Combat It

Poverty in Richmond is a problem and it’s been well documented. As the city approaches a municipal election, many ponder whether poverty in Richmond will be an election issue. Many Richmondites were concerned that it should’ve been in the last election back in 2011.

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Richmond Jet Fuel Pipeline (Sadly) Approved By BC Government

Last week, the Richmond jet fuel pipeline plan was given the green light by the province. An environmental assessment certificate was given to the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation (VAFFC) for the project.

The project would have a 13 kilometre pipeline built to connect the south arm of the Fraser River to the airport. In addition, a marine terminal and storage facility would be built on the south arm near Riverport. The move will allow jet fuel tankers to transport fuel across the Fraser River. read more

BC Jobs Plan: 5,300 Jobs Lost in October, Countless Lost Overall

Last week, a non-surprising breakthrough in Christy Clark’s BC Jobs Plan was made: net jobs in British Columbia went down…again!

Per official Statistics Canada numbers, BC lost 11,000 full-time jobs in October. This was met with an increase in the number of part-time jobs by roughly 5,600. The statistics also show that the unemployment numbers are getting better, by a mere 0.2%, and is now at 6.5% overall. However, the big caveat to that last statistic is that the labour force in BC contracted. read more

BC Liberal Government Wasted $66 Million In Taxpayer Dollars

News broke and poop hit the fans in Victoria this week. It was reported by the (independent) Representative for Children and Youth Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond that the BC Liberal government wasted more than $66 million over the last 12 years.

On what you ask? Meetings and fruitless initiatives to help improve the Aboriginal child welfare system. It’s a novel, worthy cause that the government ought to put money into. read more

George Massey Tunnel Disaster: Richmond Gets Hurt By BC Liberals Again

The George Massey Tunnel will be the latest victim of BC Liberal policy.

First, it was taxpayers who were victims when the BC Liberals decided to put their insiders first by increasing government salaries right after the May election. Then, the BC Liberals victimized seniors by installing a wheelchair tax. The hurt shifted back to all taxpayers when the BC Liberals announced increases in BC Hydro rates. It just gets worse and worse. And now, the Fraser River and everyone who crosses it will get hit hard…not to mention every other taxpayer. Premier Christy Clark has done a number on the taxpayers and now, it’s time for the Tunnel to go. read more

MLA John Yap Should Step Aside During Quick Wins Investigation

Columnist Bill Tieleman’s piece on MLA John Yap that was published in Vancouver’s 24 Hours as well as on The Tyee website could not have been any more spot-on. Yap’s breach of conduct and betrayal of the voters of Richmond is moral grounds enough for him to not be serving in a secretary position. But what about the fact that the RCMP is now investigating the scandal he was involved in? read more

Christy Clark’s War On The Middle Class

Take a look at B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s achievements since her B.C. Liberals were re-elected on May 14 and you’ll see a plethora of things that damage the middle class. Here are just a few:

Those items only represent a little bit of the ammunition fired at middle and lower income people of this province since the May election. Let’s not forget the rapid increase in salaries for executives and top-level managers in B.C.’s major crown corporations. read more